Friday, February 22, 2008


Im holding a small competition...Just comment under to go in the draw...

1st Prize- A Full tuneup for your computer over msn...Ill guide you over what to do..I'll also help fix any problems you might have...

2nd Prize- Mystery Prize...will give details to all about what it is after competition ends

This comp ends on the 1st of march....More comments you have the more chances you have of winning

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free money anyone? Its not a scam and works!

Im usually skeptical about evrything concerning free stuff..but this actually works! its a company where you can click ads for earn 1 cent each ad clicked and there are usually 25 a u think thats nothing? well u can reffer ppl to click as well and u get %100 percent of what they u click 25 a day and you get 10 refferals to click 25 a day..thats 2.75 a day..which is $82.50 a month..u also earn what there refferals earn as well so making $100 a month is easy...They send the money to paypal which you can buy rapidshare accounts and stuff on ebay with...Great way to make cash to play with online..If your doing this then when you sign up all i ask is that you put Coldplayer (ME) as your refferer...cos then i get some help as well and you dont lose fact i will give half of what you make as a you earn $100 and ill give you $50 more as a bonus...

Cheers and happy money making

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Optimizing Vista

This is a guide for optimizing Vista...As you may know vista comes with higher requirements and awesome eye candy which hits performance..Here are a few ways to get it running fast....

First do all of what is said in Optimizing xp guide..all of the tweaks should work..

Services configs are found at

First turn off aero if your computer isnt that new..also right click my computer and go to advanced and under performance press settings then press adjust for best performance..Also turn off UAC from control panel/user accounts..Disable indexing by going to my computer and right click all your drives and go to properties...and untick index drive for faster file searching...and if your using a 3rd party app to defrag then go to task scheduler and disable auto defragmentation..also go to Control panel and power options and set for high performance...Turn off the sidebar...and disable live previews by right clicking the taskbar and untick show live previews..

Ill add more to this when i think of more tweaks

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Turn your XP into vista

This is a easy way to get XP looking like vista for free without slowing down your computer..

First of all download Vista Transformation Pack 8 from when installing make sure you DONT install all 3rd party apps unless you got a decent comp (they'll slow down your computer)...I reccomend only installing Styler with Kayes toolbar..also you could install Thoosje's sidebar as well if you want..but i reccomend deleting both off your startup items so they dont slow down your computer when you dont need them.

Then apply this Visual style

Also if you want glass (no blur) then download TrueTransparency. It only takes up 1mb of ram and 0% CPU and is a great app...

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Optmizing Internet

Tired of slow internet? cant afford to upgrade to ADSL2+..this simple guide will help boost your internet connection....First of all you guys should turn off Windows Update and just update manually every week or so...Windows update automatically downloads updates which slows down your internet without you knowing its updating..It will also take up bandwith as well. Next instead of Internet Explorer go for Mozilla or Opera (safari is good but still bugs)..If going with mozilla firefox download the flashblock and adblock extensions. Also a handy app (not free) is Admuncher which works with all browsers. has a great tweaking utility which can improve your internet greatly...Also use a internet download manager. I like IDM (not free), DAP (also not free)..A good free solouition is Flashget.

Optimizing XP the COMPLETE guide

Ive been reading some bad guides about tweaking xp and know alot of people are struggling with older systems in laggy pain.Most of these tweaks should work for vista as well.I am also making a vista guide as well if you can wait,

First the essential software CCleaner will be needed. Its free and can be found at

First your gonna clean out all the junk bloating your HDD. When you open this software first thing you should do is go to Options/advanced and untick only delete files in Windows Temp after 48 hours. Then go back to Cleaner and hit Run Cleaner. Also CCleaner has a registry cleaner which you can use as well..But before using it i reccomend backing up your registry. You can do this by going to run dialog,type in regedit and press on the My Computer Icon.Then go to file and export..Name it backup.reg or something...

Next step will be configuiring your startups which can also be done in CCleaner.Just go to tools and startup. Delete all entries which you dont need starting up when windows boots.

Now will be the real silver bullet. Go to Services.msc and disable services you dont need. has a good list of some you will or wont need. I reccomend you going with SAFE config if your not confident or Power User if you are.

This is also very crucial to getting your system back to speed. At the moment im using Diskeeper 2008 which is a great piece of software but it isnt free. A good alternative soloution is Defraggler which is free. I reccommend you defrag once a week or if you've just finished installing big pieces of software or games.

This contains a few tweaks ive compressed. For most of them double click them and click yes. For the last shutdown tweak just double click and it should work.
While given in good faith i cannot guarntee this will work for your system and cannot be liable for any damage done to your Computer. If anyone does seem to happen them tell me and ill try to help.

Boosting SATA drives
go to device manager (run dialog type in devmgmt.msc and press enter).
Then expand disk drives. Click on your disk and go to policies tab. Tick enable write caching on this disk. And if you have a SATA drive enable advanced performance..

You should update your drivers every month or so. Drivers mean more stability and reliability.Also download the latest DirectX update.

A few good free tweaking utilites are Cachemen,CCleaner,Defraggler and Advanced Windows care personal. A few good ones which arnt free are Tune up utilies 2008,Diskeeper 2008, Registry Mechanic 7 and O&O defrag 11.

Viruses cause A HUGE peformance downgrade. I reccommened using Zone Alarm/Avast as a Firewall/Anti Virus combo. Zone alarm free edition is good and AVG Antivirus is free and good as well..Also scan your comp with spybot search and destroy. Its a great Anti-Spyware.

Heat causes resistance which causes lower performance..This might lead to your comp restarting all the time/artifacts in games etc. I reccomend cleaning out your computer (the case) every 3 months. Use a tissue and a bottle of compressed air. Clean out under the fan and stuff get all dust out and the most gunked place should be you CPU HSF. Its the one fan sticking out with the metal heatsink under it. If you know how then taking it off and applying some thermal paste before cleaning the heatsink/fan out is optimal.but if your not sure just clean it out using a tissue...a fan to blow out dusk?..

Yearly Format
Every year i suggest a Format of your hardrive and a fresh installation of your OS (XP). It should give a big performance boost. Although it will also delete all your files and software. So back your stuff up to a external HDD or something.

Upgrades are cheap these days and $500AU can easily get you something really good.This is considering you build your computer buy yourself and get the parts at a decent store. A $500 comp +monitor you get will probably equate to $750ish if you get a decent LCD and if you browse catalogues Dell or other companys will be selling for $1000+ for the same system or a lesser one. Although if you dont want to overhaul your system upgrades are cheap...Good Graphic cards(boost gaming performance) are cheap this is a small chart for what id buy with the cash ($AU)
But check whether your comp is AGP/PCI-E slot before upgrading..Check the card you want is the same slot as your motherboard takes
$50-100/Old second hand 7 series? Or a new 7600GT
$100-150/ New 8600gt/2600xt.
$150-200/strech budget bit for HD3850 (worth the extra) or id go for 8600GTS
$200-250/ HD3850
$250-300/ Try to find cheap HD3870
$400+ 512mb 8800GTS (NOT 640mb Version)

Ram is a great and very cheap these days. THey will speed up overal use. Check what type your motherboard takes (DDR400,DDR2,SDRAM) and what frequency itll take up to (400mhz,600mhz etc)...Also check your all your ram slots havnt been used...Download and CPU-Z (Free)

Done for the meantime ill continue updating as i think of tweaks..Im also finishing a few guides..
Optimizing Vista
Making your XP look like vista for FREE..

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Lets start

This blog will be dedicated to tech..I will be posting guides/reviews etc. Im a guru when it comes to hardware/software so if you have any probs just tell me and I'll try to help you out. Also if you have any software you'd like me to review or any guides then msg me.